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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to the 2010-2011 school year! This year your student will study physical science. The general approach of this program is guided-inquiry, a process in which students do two lab investigations in each chapter. The labs will account for about 20% percent of the instructional time in science.

The physical science curriculum is not based on a single specific textbook--our curriculum is based on the Georgia Performance Standards for eighth grade science, and I will use a variety of materials as I teach the class this year. One of the resources I'll use this year is CPO Science, a program supported by a package of high quality equipment, technology components, a special web site ( and a variety of teacher's materials all designed to ensure success. Students work in small groups to complete investigations. They will experiment, discuss their observations, and share their findings through written reports and presentations. This cooperative approach to learning encourages team-building skills and prepares students for life beyond their school years.

Students will be highly motivated because they enjoy actively doing science, not just reading about it. Special materials and teaching components ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to achieve.

Please see the "Standards" link above to learn more about the 8th grade physical science standards that will guide our instruction this year. If you have any questions concerning our science class or how you might get involved, please call me at the school, or contact me by email at

I look forward to a very enjoyable and productive year in science!

Materials Needed for Class:
1" 3-ring binder with dividers for at least three sections:
                (Class Notes, Lab Notes, and Returned Papers)
notebook paper (wide or college ruled)
pencil or pen (blue or black ink, please)
colored pencils

Class Expectations
You will be expected to follow all CMS and Cluster 8B rules for behavior.  Respect for fellow students and school employees is required at all times.  It is my goal to create an active classroom environment which supports learning while minimizing unnecessary distractions.  We will have fun while learning, but doing this will require everyone to follow our classroom rules and procedures.  Some specific items of importance are:

dress code     Strict adherence to the school dress code will be enforced.
attendance     School begins at 7:50 am.  Be here and be on time!
student ID's    ID's are to be worn around the student's neck at all times.
cell phones    Any cell phone seen or heard at school will be taken and given to an administrator.  Parents may pick up the phone at school after 30 days.


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